Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020

July 17, 2018 Off By admin

When you imagine your office style, Friday night and Sunday morning brunch, do you see black acrylic nails? If you can not imagine how something so bold could come from each of these different styles, you will be surprised.

Black acrylic nails are not only Gothic. They can be bold or minimal, striking or classic, fun or dramatic. They can go from the board meeting to drink after work in a new rooftop bar while keeping your style distinct and on point. Black nails are just another essential “little black dress” and the designer nails made in this trend are the best nail trend of 2018. If you are a nail addict, pay attention.

 “Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020” is locked	 Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020

Acrylic nails, one of the most popular types of manicures in the beauty industry, use a liquid monomer to bond to the nails and create a strong protective layer on the natural nail. Once cured, color or art is applied for lasting nail style. Women often choose acrylic nails when their nails are brittle or weak. Acrylics help protect the nail bed from rupture, although long-term use can damage the nail bed and cause infections. Many people recommend taking periodic breaks from acrylic nails, but that does not mean you can not have amazing nail art done in the meantime.

Black acrylic nails are one of the most daring types of manicures for a woman looking for a nail art that is a little unexpected. Black acrylics span the gamut from ultra-thin to shiny sequins and rhinestones. They also give you a chance to play with matte and gloss to create a simple but dramatic style.

We have an impressive list of some of our favorite black nail designs for 2018 to inspire your next trip to the show. There are 50 perfect nail ideas for any style. Let’s take a look at the perfect nails for you.

1) Princess nails with pearls – Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020

Our first nail design is a minimalist design with maximum inspiration. Think of a pretty diadem on the head of a princess, but this princess is also a dreaded warrior. This matte black nail with golden highlights is good for a little edge but with some royal glam. He is polite for work but kills on the dance floor.

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2) 3D nail with black glitter – Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020

Glitter is not enough. You want drama and texture. These black acrylic nails use small beads to give a little 3D shine to your all-black design. The light catches pearls and offers visual interest in an otherwise standard glitter design. Sequins can be pretty, but 3D glitters are a cool and creative touch, something you do not see often.

3) Midnight Garden – alternating flowers and matte black design – Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020

There is a garden in England dedicated to deadly plants. Black acrylic nails take this inspiration and put it on a beautiful dark nail. Alternate matte black nails with pale flowing flowers to create a mysterious and intoxicating combination of gentle and dangerous. The mostly black nails are the perfect leaf for the flowers.

4) Slytherin Nails – Subtle Snakeskin Print – Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020

Sometimes you do not need multiple colors for a dramatic effect. You can also play with matte and shine to create a powerful design. These Slytherin nails are the perfect design for a bold weekend with pointed ends and a snakeskin effect created by superimposing shiny “scales” on a matte base. If you can not be good, be good.

5) Black and Clear Art Deco Design – Black Long Acrylic Nails Styles for 2020

Get inspired by the Art Deco heights of jewelery, stained glass and architecture. Using a light base, layer subtle black lines mimicking the spectacular black edges of the stained glass window. It is a tribute to modernism and a welcome change from the natural and dull work nail. For some nails, use only the black tip. For others, interlocking lines create a dramatic effect that anyone can reproduce at home.